Creating Custom Workspaces in Photoshop CS5

A while back I wrote a post about customizing the workspace in Full Edit mode of Photoshop Elements. It’s handy and wonderful but it is lacking one thing to make it really great – the ability to SAVE IT. That missing trait is actually something that Photoshop CS5 (and older versions) do have, but many […]

Making Use of Undo History

Pin It Today I am sharing a B.A.S.I.C. tip, but since it is something I use almost every time I edit in PSE (or Photoshop, see end of post), I want to bring it to light for those who are new to Photoshop Elements. Actually, there are many of semi-veteran of PSE who do not […]

Customize Your Photoshop Elements Workspace

Pin It I am still in survival mode while I try to catch up on business/house/family matters that got pushed aside because of Delanie’s accident, so my next few tutorials are going to be video tutorials, with little or no screen prints. Thank you for understanding. Today’s tutorial is on how to customize your workspace […]