How to Use Eyelash Brushes in Photoshop {Elements}

Let me start this tutorial with a disclaimer: these brushes are NOT a necessity. I am not saying that everyone should use them on all pictures of women. These are useful at times and just plain fun at other times. That said, let the fun begin. 😉 Have you ever take a picture of a […]

Even and Smooth Skin in Photoshop and PSE

Welcome to part 3 of my portrait touch-up series, where I use one picture and edit it from start to finish. The last two tutorials were done in Photoshop CS6, but today we are using Photoshop Elements (10). As we did with the Eye Enhance tutorial, we are building on past edit steps using a […]

Enhancing Eyes in Photoshop CS6 and PSE

Today we are talking about the eyes – “the window to the soul.” You want the eyes to really stand out, for the catchlights to shine, so the eyes will come alive! Here are six easy steps to enhance the eyes and eye area in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Please note that 100% of these […]