Instagram Nashville Preset Made Into Free Action for Photoshop Elements

Pin It I recently bought an iPhone (that adventure and experience will be shared soon) and one app that I enjoy using is Instagram. You can take a picture and then add presets to give the photos a special look, then your image is shared on Instagram’s feed, with the option of sharing on Twitter […]

Everyday Freebies Now Packaged for PSE and PS

I hope everyone knows by now that I have many free actions available, ones I call “Everyday Freebies.” These actions work in Photoshop Elements as well as Photoshop (Creative Suite). They can all be downloaded for free individually, but they can also be purchased as one big set for $20   I have been working […]

Create a Sunny Glow in Photoshop Elements {and free action}

Over the on the Everyday Samples page I have several actions, some cleaning, some creative and a few finishing (wonder what the heck am I talking about, see my explanation of types of actions). One of the top favorites there used to be the Florida action, one that creates a bright, sunny effect for your […]

Free Photoshop Elements Action Giveaway ~ Celebrating the EE Facebook Community

***Editing to add that this action was a gift to Facebook and blog readers but has since been removed as a free action. It is now available as part of the Coast to Coast Action Set, a set of 14 creative actions. *** Have you been to Everyday Elements’ Facebook fan page? It is a […]

How to Use Curves in Photoshop Elements {and a free action and video tutorial}

Pin It It is a well known fact that Photoshop Elements is the “baby brother” to Photoshop (Creative Suites, like CS5), and it has most of the same things Photoshop has, with some major tools/adjustments being omitted from Photoshop Elements. This helps keep the price of PSE down, but also helps keep it more user […]

Tutorial and Free Action For Dodge and Burn Layer

Today I am sharing a tutorial on how to create a dodge and burn layer. It is a simple and easy layer to create, but very handy for lightening and darkening small or large areas with just one layer. In addition to the tutorial, I am giving away the Dodge & Burn action I made […]