Action edit using “New York City” B&W action

written by Beckie of Everyone loves a good black & white! I’m going to show you how I go from a SOOC image (straight-out-of-camera) to a beautiful black & white using the “New York City” action from the Everyday Elements “City Lights B&W” action set. I don’t normally crop my images (I like to […]

Making your own Christmas ornament frame templates

written by Beckie of, inspired by Jill of Jill Jarvis Photography Have you ever seen those beautiful Christmas ornament picture frames and wanted to buy them, but didn’t really want to cut up your pictures? Here’s an easy way to make your own template to fit any frame ornament. First you’ll need to scan […]

Have you ever wondered about buying used gear?

written by Beckie of (image shot with Nikon D700 and Lensbaby Composer with Edge 80 optic) Buying used gear can seem daunting or even taboo to some. You’re often wondering “Am I getting a good deal?” “Is it really in the condition they say it’s in?”. If you can’t be right there to have […]

Using “The Album Cafe” Templates to Make Your Holiday Cards

written by Beckie of It’s that time of year when everyone starts thinking about their Christmas cards. If you’re just starting out, or maybe you’re a hobbyist like me, you might wonder where to find all those cool templates that the pros all use. The Album Cafe has a great selection of holiday card […]

Gear review | Alienbee B800

written by Beckie of Recently I was asked to take portraits for a Ladies English Tea event at our church. The ladies would be dressing up in their fancy hats and we wanted to do some photobooth style pictures. And I thought it would be fun, so I said “yes”! I knew that my […]

Have fun with your photography during the holidays!

written by Beckie of Holidays can sometimes tend to stress us out. All of the planning, shopping, cooking, baking, and visiting! Try to make it a point to take some time out of the hustle and bustle to de-stress with some fun photo time! Last year I made some mustaches-on-a-stick, and we went outside […]

What is the difference between Nikon’s “D” and “G” lenses?

written by Beckie of I am part of a lot of different photography groups/forums on Facebook, and this question has been asked more than once recently on all of the groups, so I thought I’d talk about it here. What is the difference between a Nikon “D” lens and a “G” lens? (Unfortunately, I […]

Making the best of your cell-phone camera!

Have you ever thought to yourself “I should’ve brought my big camera.”? I know I have!! But who goes anywhere these days without their cell phone? Here are a few tips to make the best out of your cell phone camera! While I love simple snapshots, I also like to get creative with my iPhone! […]

Finding the best light and making it work for you!

written by Beckie of In my opinion, light is the most important part of photography! I prefer to shoot with natural light, so sometimes it can be difficult to find the best light! I have used external flashes and strobes, and while they can really make an image extraordinary, there’s just something special about […]

September’s “PRIME: Focus on You” Event!

this post written by Beckie of In September, I had the opportunity to attend/help out at the “PRIME: Focus on You” workshop! I’m not really a fan of flying, but I made the trek from Northern California all the way down to South Carolina for the long weekend, because Amanda had asked me to […]