Converting Image to Black and White

Today I am going to share how to convert an image from color to black and white. There are some amazing free and for-purchase actions which you can use for B&W conversions, but if you’d like to know how to do it on your own, this tutorial is for you. Before we start, please note […]

Types of Actions and When to Use Them

Actions, actions, actions! Lots of talk about actions, both here and at so many other places. I am a member of Clickin Moms, an incredible message board for women who are amateur or professional photographers, and I frequently see the question “When do you run actions? Before or after general edits?” Well, I have the […]

Using Gradients in Photoshop Elements

I love, love, love Gradient Map and Gradient adjustment layers in Photoshop Elements (and regular PS)! You can create subtle or dramatic color and temperature changes with them, and I often use them in my actions and general work flow. So I thought I would share how to create your own gradients and how to […]

Defog Digital Images With Levels

This post was moved over from Photography Haven. Those new to digital photography may be asking “Defog? What the heck is defogging?” Well, many digital images come out of the camera with a bit of a haze on them. Sometimes that is from incorrect exposure settings, sometimes because of the sun hitting your sensor and […]