How to Install Actions in Photoshop CS

How to install actions in Photoshop Elements has been covered many times here at Everyday Elements, but never how to install actions in Photoshop CS, so this tutorial is long overdue. Note: I used Photoshop CC for this tutorial, but the steps are exactly the same for Photoshop CS 3 – 6 (and possibly before […]

Saving for Things You Want

Four years ago I was at the point where I wanted to move past the kit lenses I owned and start investing in “fast” prime lenses that would allow me to shoot at wider apertures to get the beautiful bokeh we all love. My first investment was the “nifty fifty,” the Nikon 50mm f1.8D ($100). […]

Photography is Easy {but not the way you think)

Written by Elaine Simonsen….. Hi everyone! My name is Elaine and I am a photographer/mother to 5 little ones!  Yes, I said 5!  My oldest child is 8 (Amelia), then 6 (Georgia), 4 (Garrett), 2 (Walt), and 3 months (Beatrice). A few weeks ago Amanda said that photography was her therapy after her father died. […]

Introducing blog-ready collage templates by Everyday Elements

written by Beckie of Over the last month or so, I have been working on something fun to introduce to our awesome Everyday Elements readers…blog-ready collage templates. I am happy with how they turned out, and am excited to be able to share them with you all. Templates are a great way to showcase […]

Free Photoshop Webinars

I have held several free Photoshop and Photoshop Elements webinars during the year and plan to keep doing them monthly. If you are thinking “What? I haven’t heard about any free webinars!” then you need to subscribe to the weekly (although sometimes quarterly) newsletter. All webinar announcements, registrations and playbacks are announced via the newsletter. […]

Lens hood tip of the day

written by Beckie of Where do you store your lens hoods when you’re not using them? Do they end up on a shelf somewhere, or buried in the bottom of your gear bag? Or have you just lost them? Here’s a simple little tip to help you never lose your lens hood again, and to […]

What is dappling? And how you can avoid it.

written by Beckie of dappling: verb; to produce numerous, usually cloudy and rounded, spots or patches of a color or shade different from their background – In photography, “dappling” refers to the spots or patches of light that fall onto your subject. Usually caused by the sun peeking through the tree leaves. Dappling is distracting […]

How to create a brush with text {and a freebie}

written by Beckie of I know it has been posted here a couple of times, but it’s something that gets asked a lot! “How do you create a brush in Photoshop?” (Amanda has instructions for PSE users HERE and HERE) Making a brush out of text is actually much simpler than you’d think. First, you […]

Simple Color Pop in Photoshop Elements {11 and 12}

One of the most popular tutorials here at EE is the Simple Color Pop so I thought an updated version using Photoshop Elemetns 12 (same as 11) would be beneficial since the user interface is so drastically different. If you have PSE 10 – 7, pop over to the previous color pop tutorial. Many people […]

Troubles with your auto White Balance?

written by Beckie of I’m going to confess something…I shoot in auto WB! <gasp> Yes, I admit that while I shoot everything else in manual, often times I am too lazy to set a custom WB for every shot or series of shots. So, I flip that WB setting to “auto” and I don’t […]