Test Driving the Galaxy S4 {and loving it}

I few weeks ago I was asked by Cricket Wireless to try out the Samsung Galaxy S4. They provided me with the phone and three months of service on their Cricket network. To tell you the truth I was prepared to be entertained but not really amazed by it. Oh, how wrong I was. Disclosure: […]

Making Selections: The Magic Wand, Quick Selection Tool, and Selection Brush

The (long overdue) final post in the selection tools series is here! In previous tutorials, we covered what selection tools do, the lasso tool, the marquee tool and today the topic is making selections with the selection brush, quick selection tool and Magic Wand. They are similar and work together nicely, so I grouped them […]

Tips on using a reflector to bounce light

written by Beckie of beckiegkengle.com Hey all! Today I want to talk a little bit about using reflectors. (this is one of the topics that I will be discussing at the Prime Workshop this weekend) The main purpose of a reflector is to bounce and/or diffuse light. They are really handy when you are shooting […]

Phone Photography – My Favorite Camera Apps

Every photographer will tell you that the best camera is “the one you have with you.” What camera do most of us have with us ALL the time? The camera on our smart phones! Tonight I am the host for a special Twitter chat/party about phone photography sponsored by Cricket Wireless. It is from 8 […]

Is Your Camera Sensor Dirty?

Dirt happens. Even if you take ultra-good care of your camera, never changing lenses near dirt or dust, or in windy conditions, your camera sensor will eventually get dirty. How to See if Your Camera Sensor is Dirty Testing your sensor for dirt and dust is very simple – you basically take a picture of […]

Making Selections with the Marquee Tool

We are continuing with the series on selection tools, focusing on the Marquee tool this time. To illustrate the marquee, I am going to focus on making vignettes (darkening of area along the outside which puts more focus on the subject). Remember, these are not tutorials that show everything you can do with the tools, […]

Action Edit With Olympia {Road Trip Action Set}

written by Beckie of beckiegkengle.com Hey all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I have had a busy few months and needed to take a little break, but I am back! I hope you will enjoy my new posts! Today I am doing an action edit using “Olympia” from the Everyday Elements Road Trip […]

Photographing and Editing Silhouettes

Recently at Everyday Element’s Facebook page we have been having a good time sharing silhouette pictures, so I thought a now would be a good time for a tutorial on how to photograph and edit silhouettes. Silhouettes are images where the subject or subjects are totally blacked out against background of a sky or setting/rising […]

Making Selections: The Lasso Tool Explained

The first selection tool I am going to cover is my favorite one – the Lasso!! Oh, I enjoy that little tool but sometimes I can get carried away and I have to tell myself “Step away from the Lasso, Amanda.” Funny, but sadly true. 😉 Remember the basic rule of selection tools – you […]

Newborn Photography Quick Tips & Tricks

Do you see all those adorable newborn pictures and want to give newborn photography a try? Here are some quick tips for working with newborns, plus links to past tutorials on photographing and editing newborn pictures. A few newborn photography tips: Get the space REALLY warm and keep it really quiet Use blankets that do […]